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.45/.90 Rudder Assembly and parts

.45/.90 Rudder Assembly and parts


  Our Rudder Assemblies offer no-nonsense positive steering for ANY hull and race situation. No gimmicky set ups. All have kickback features and high strength positional PLASTIC control horns, that offer many more advantages than metal control horns offered by others. They allow for "break off" in case of a substantial hit, a no chatter surface to prevent radio interference ( a common cause of glitches due to metal to metal vibrations) and because it is positional, it allows for accurate alignment with steering servo allowing for a straight run of your push rod avoiding any "accordion" when under load. Purposely designed, we think you'll agree this is the best method. Bronze bushed for a no slop pivot avoiding rudder flutter. Dragless,  Internal water pickup provides tremendous water flow for engine or tuned pipe cooling without any loss of speed.

   Assemblies polish to a flawless shine. Why spend an exuberant amount on other poorly designed but billet,  assemblies when you can have a superior functioning assembly for a fraction of the cost ?!

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