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Corliss Engine

Corliss Engine



One of the most beautiful working models of a highly intricate steam engine, the Corliss.  Its not hard to imagine the look on the face of your friends with this engine running in front of them, truly awe-inspiring.

  The Corliss Engine differs mainly from all other engines by the particular construction of the valves which give exceptional steam economy. It is this feature which makes the Corliss, along with its visual complexity, so interesting to the admirer. Machined, finished and ran by one of the best and most well known machinist in model making in the United States here at Aeromarine.  Most working parts are Stainless, separating other, still rare,  models of its kind.  Easily could become a family heirloom. 

Base: 22"x14" Bore: 1-1/4"  Stroke 2-1/2"  Flywheel: 8"   Run on steam or air.

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