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Triton 2 EQ

Triton 2 EQ

$179.00 $185.00

Everything that makes the Triton2 great is on the Triton2 EQ -- and then some! In addition to 10 battery memories and the ability to monitor heat-sensitive batteries with the optional Thermal Probe (GPMM3151), the Triton2 EQ features a built-in LiPo balancer, the convenience of a built-in AC power supply, compatibility with the latest battery technologies such as LiFe (A123) cells, an adjustable-angle LCD and an increased charge current of up to 8 amps!


1 year warranty
  • For LiPo, Li-Ion, LiFe (A123) NiCd, NiMH, and Pb batteries
  • Includes built-in balancer for up to 6S packs
  • Fast charge up to 8 amps
  • Built-in balancing for 1-6S LiPo, Li-Ion, or LiFe (A123) cells (ElectriFly and FlightPower adapters included)
  • 0.1-8.0A adjustable charge current
  • Precision peak detection with adjustable sensitivity for NiCd and NiMH batts
  • Constant current / constant voltage charge method for Pb and lithiums
  • Temperature sensing capabilities (GPMM3151 Thermal Probe available separately)
  • Top-off charge feature fully charges NiMHs without overheating
  • 0.1-3.0A adjustable discharge current
  • Adjustable discharge cutoff voltages for NiCd/MH, preset voltages for Pb and lithiums
  • Perform 1 to 10 cycles (NiCd/MH only), and recall all data
  • Configure up to 10 batteries in memory for instant, easy recall and charger set-up
  • Banana plugs on DC input, and includes mating alligator clips
  • Displays input and output volts, peak volts, average discharge volts, charge and discharge capacity, currents and time, data for 10 cycles, errors, and individual lithium cell voltages
  • Audible sound cues aid in programming and notification of function changes.
  • Warning messages for improper input voltage, poor connections, unsuitable battery condition, reverse polarity on output
  • Safety features include cool-off time delay, maximum NiMH charge input, fast charge safety timer, current overload and reverse polarity protectio

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