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Zenoah Engine Mount

Zenoah Engine Mount


   Our Rubber isolated Zenoah Mounts totally encapsulate the Zenoah Engine. This means that you completely isolate the vibration of the engine to the rails of the hull. The number one cause of radio interference and premature radio component failure is due to vibration.  Radio components are expensive enough but the cost of replacing the hull due to radio failure is more costly! We know there is much hype about "quick change mounts" and we could easily manufacture the type.  We choose our way.  Ours may be SLIGHTLY more difficult to assemble but we feel it IS worth it!  Beside, why do we need a "quick change mount"? Engines, once installed should very rarely be taken out except for maintenance.  Chances of shaft misalignment increases each time the engine is removed.    First, our mounts are made of the BEST aircraft grade, high strength aluminum and the BEST rubber isolators available. Sure we can cut corners and offer the large O.D. rubbers commonly bought at your local hardware store, again we CHOOSE not to.  We purchase and use three, high durometer rubber isolators on each side. Secondly, we totally encapsulate the engine with 2  slotted side plates for easy installation, and machine a separate pull start plate instead of using the existing plate. Our machined mounting rails are "cupped" to accept our rubber isolators to prevent them from shifting.  Machined to fit perfectly between 5"  standard engine rails. We also provide a coil relocation mount.  Third,  and probably most important, we design ALL our mounts so that the rubber isolators are ON CENTER of the crankshaft of the engine.  This is the ONLY true way to offer complete vibration isolation and NOISE reduction.  Add all this up and we feel you'll agree that this is the BEST mount you can buy.

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